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The Balancing Act

I LOVE Finance. Its the best riddle I have encountered in all the years I have walked this earth.

When I set out on my MBA, I wanted to be an Investment Banker. The linguistic appeal of the job title was just too good.

Day 1 – Enthusiasm has its own way of showing itself… like arriving 10 minutes early for a class and waiting along with the popular IIT monkeys for the classroom to be opened. The Prof arrives and forecasts the surity of surprise tests.  The whiteboard is partitioned into Assets and Liabilities. Half way down the 2 hour session, the borders on the board starts blurring away.

End Of Day – Whatis that grocery list doing on the classroom board, eh?

Day 2 and 3 pass (un)eventfully with each day lending greater clarity to the obscurity called Financial Management. My professor gives me an occasional ‘What Nithya? All Clear?’ to which I nod away.( I am still confident that, under serene circumstances, a thorough investigation of the book would make me proficient in the ‘Balancing Act’)
Day 4. SURPRISE TEST!!!I had a field day trying to classify Assets and Liabilities.When I submitted my answer sheet, I stopped worrying that the two columns did not get equal justice.
For the rest of the term,Profit and Loss statements had me at a permanent loss and when Cash Flow Satements came into my life, all hell broke loose . Surprise tests came and went, but the score was never a pleasant surprise.

The rest of the term went in blissful somnambulance. But as the saying goes, ‘Failure is the stepping(tripping) stone to success’
Financial Management II went (un)expectedly well and the protagonist rose like a Phoenix. Investment Banker I would be.

When all is going too well. you are missing out on something – The Working Capital Management paper at the close of year 1.I was the damsel in distress.Working capital never worked.To add insult to the injury, the prof kept harping on what we did in the first term(remember all the cash cow stuff?) . So attributed the poor grades to scheduling an exam on New Year’s Day.

When I chose electives in year II, I made sure all associations with my past life, as an Investment-Banker-To-Be, were discarded.