Why no moral science graduates?

Two years ago, a good number of people were out protesting on the roads and in social media – supporting the cause of ‘Nirbhaya’.

One year ago, the TOI came up with statistics : One rape every 30 minutes in India


Post this statistics, Uber cool incidents have taken place.

But what have we done as citizens? Sadly, majority have hopped on to a different topic ‘trending on twitter’.

Somewhere, we forget the need for an ultimate objective when we start any movement for change.

And it fizzles down to a series of Facebook posts and Like buttons, making Mark Zuckerberg a rich man.

The magnitude of the issue is far greater if we consider what goes on in rural India.

Is the dwindling gender ratio being addressed?  It is a known fact that ‘Lower the gender ratio, greater will be the crime rate’.

We need innovative campaigns that nail the issue. For example, there was an interesting anti-smoking initiative by a radio station a few years ago. People found smoking in public were embarrassed with a garland of cigarettes and drums beating around them.

How many of us silently live through harassment in public transport? Has anyone ever dared to stop a bus because a fellow passenger has misbehaved? Not many, isn’t it?. True to the misrepresented and misunderstood ‘spirit of being an Indian woman’, we endure anything and everything.

And then, a good number of us wallow in self-pity. Even worse, when a child is not comfortable having a particular uncle or aunty around, we go back and educate the child on good manners. The fact that someone known to us could be abusing our child has 0 probability in our thoughts. To go one step further, as a culture, we hesitate to call the cops or the ambulance as readily as they do in the western world.

How many schools give due importance to moral living ?

A kid should not score anything less than 90% in Physics and Maths but it is more than sufficient to scrape through Moral Sciences and Home Sciences.

Education alone will not help. Neither will capital punishment – Esp in a country where getting convicted portends a bright political career .

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