There she goes …

“Women drivers are like stars in the sky. You can see them but they can’t see you.  “

Well …  That does tickle the funny bone, doesn’t it ?  But there is no denying a lot of other things… like…

We are a compassionate lot… we feel sorry for a bump on our enemy’s car

We don’t drive the stone-deaf mini-trucks / relic water lorries / screeching share- autos

At any point in time, the number of sober ‘us’ is more than the number of sober ‘you’

We don’t manhandle the rear view mirror of others’ cars so our bikes can pass through

Gravity defying stuff with a motorbike  (for you know what) is not our style

We were not responsible for recycling footpaths into motorbike tracks.

We don’t bully poor drivers by honking when the signal is Red

All we ask is for a ‘little more space’ to move about the road , and an equal opportunity to get confused between right and left 😉

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