Dear ToI Online

These days Arnab Goswami is busy screaming from the right bottom of my browser window. I derive immense satisfaction in hitting the pause button and closing that tiny window. The effort people take in making sure nobody hears how much they can blabber is mind boggling. He seems to have found a commendable spot to vent his frustration. May be that is where I drew my inspiration to revive this blog.

But before going into more details,  I should thank the many advertisers who paid to take up space in the landing page of ToI’s online edition. This, by far, is the most ingenious and utilitarian ad placement I have known. In a more rational world, the readers should be paying you. We were one click away from being spotted watching adult entertainment, before you came in as the ‘night in shining armor’ and saved our face. The fact that a lot of people are found giving a pensive look to the wallpaper when caught off guard by an onlooker is a different tale altogether.

While I ponder about the difference between Top News Stories and Latest News, there are some very informative, strategically placed videos to consume my bandwidth . The baits include finding out why Salman Khan woke up late today, Mysterious paper boat found floating in rainwater, Minister dancing in wedding …

Thank you for your wooing lessons. Your slideshows are impressively educative. I get to know the top 10 reasons why I should be cooking with olive oil today and why I should stop using olive oil for 10 reasons the next day. By stringently viewing your 10-day-flat abs news piece, I can recall the routine in reverse order now. Wake me up in the middle of the night, and I can tell you who ran away with somebody else’s wife.

The law of diminishing returns is fully operational on scrolling down the home page. Sunny Leone and Poonam Pandey refuse to budge and make way for new entrants. If your readership is dwindling, hope you are reading this ? 😉

The news that matters and the news with matter are clearly different things, I suppose.

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