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The Cup Of Life

To sum it up, the weekend of 15 July  and the run up to it was one of the most exhausting and exhilarating stretches in recent times. While I felt spent out by the time France lifted the World Cup, my initial feeling of all the matches ending in a damp squib were replaced by a wonderful realisation.

These five days had rewritten ABBA’s immortal lines, forever :

 The winner takes it all
The loser standing small

Because all at once, nobody looked like a winner and everybody looked like a winner!

In a world constantly reminding a woman about her age, Serena Williams coming back right upto the finals in her first post-motherhood grand slam … her own victory. Angelique Kerber taking the trophy against Serena, something to cherish for a lifetime. Kevin Anderson had his own victory in driving Federer up the wall , with fifth set battles in double digit numbers we have never heard of. And Novak Djokovic won against a never-give-up Anderson.

And it wasn’t just Wimbledon doling out life lessons. It was football that sang The Cup of Life at its loudest and clearest.

To me, the most defining moment was Luka Modric stealing the great Ballon D’Or from the Messi-s and Ronaldo-s of the world. In doing so, he had risen above the misery and turmoils of his past , taking Croatia along, and showing us how a small team can punch so much above its weight. Hell, they even gave two goals to France! Belgium, an unlikely hero, a dark horse, racing ahead to number 3 through sheer grit, awarded with a Golden Glove for persistence. No other country celebrated together like England, during a time of turmoil and uncertainty that its people are going through … and a Golden Foot for the path that lies ahead.

And above all, the victory of France, a victory of love and diversity over hatred and discrimination. They truly owned that ‘World Cup’ for what they have stood for and what it means! ❤

The most amusing of it all, people in India glued to two sports, none of which was cricket!  🙂

Just the realisation that everyone is winning is a happy way to start the week 🙂


When I am not quipping about random things, I write short stories, create cartoons and read books. I enjoy rainy days, cricket, good food and great music.😊

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