What do I say ? (or) The vicious circle of mansplaining Part 1

When I first heard about Female Suffrage, I thought it was a reference to the suffering of a woman. Well no, actually female Suffrage was a successful movement that resulted in women having a right to vote. This means, a woman has a right to an opinion on how the nation is being governed and power to steer the course of political discourse.

Why am I ranting about suffrage now? Because, hey, the high horse of privilege seems to be empowering people to assume we are incapable of opinion formation or rather, we should not be having an opinion at all.

I do not know about you, but I have witnessed so many jaw-dropping moments of being ‘told’ and ‘explained to’ by members of the opposite sex. Apparently, there is a name to this phenomenon. It is called Mansplaining and I didn’t know I will find myself writing borderline psychotic stuff on this topic. But here is the first of the series :

In simple terms, there exists a vicious circle of people explaining what opinion I should be having, to me, by interpreting what I am trying to say, in a way that is convenient to them, and also being kind enough to communicate it to others. This in turn begins by interrupting me mid-sentence because I am a princess, and my mouth will pain if I talk. This after being nice enough to offer me an opportunity to speak, without taking the effort to listen to a single word of what is being said.

Diagrammatically speaking,









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