On lost charm and magic

It has become a commonality these days … the categorical declaration that a composer’s music is no longer as charming as it used to be or that a movie lacks the magic that is so becoming of a director. And the bad news spreads like wildfire, as the ill-informed opinion is cheered and loved by twigs in the jungle of social media. More often than not, this has nothing to do with the artist at all, but the fact that a human somewhere has a good number of well-intentioned trigger-happy friends who care to share a post. We have few options when we read something like this :

  • We can agree with the opinion and join the bandwagon of ignorance
  • Just act indifferent
  • Do our own analysis and waste time
  • Analyse the analysis and waste double the time

But to the people who make these huge sweeping statements about someone’s career going downhill after a bad movie or album, do you actually ever realise that the problem could be you?

Maybe you are taking something apart in a quest to analyse it and then describe it in complicated sentences that are framed to appeal to your inflated ego and make up for all the marks you lost in English tests at school? (Phew! That was long!).

Maybe the review you are writing is not a review at all, but an opportunity to smack the crap out of your coworker who landed you in a bad situation at work that day.

Did you go looking for vanilla ice cream in a hot water spring?

Or even worse, you don’t know what vanilla ice cream is all about?

Wait, did you first try to understand what the artist is trying to do?  Are you even capable of such levels of comprehension?

IMHO, we should just stop analyzing and criticizing things for the sake of doing so, and learn to appreciate and enjoy art in its wholeness. I suppose the data-driven world is creating analysis paralysis everywhere and it is quite depressing to read these epitomes of overanalysis with free access to the internet. So just stop the hairsplitting and admire the beauty of it all. It could benefit the artist and us, in turn. Just wash your eyes and see things afresh.









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